Saturday, January 28, 2012

still life test shots

These are test shots done with my digital camera in order to check the lighting, thus the poor focus / framing / cropping. The final shots were done with film in a 4 x 5 camera.

The last one was a bit of boredom.

For it being my first time shooting entirely alone in the studio without any help at all, I think I did a fair job. The only other times I've shot in the studio were in order to help others out. I've even taught a one-day course/seminar on studio lighting and photography...
Well, it wasn't bad, it just took a good amount of time to get everything set up and broken down. Hopefully I'll be using the studio more often for future projects.

So this is the blog I'll be using to update on art-related-and-whatever things.
I'm not much in the mood for writing tonight though, so, sin agaibh anois.

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  1. Gosh, this takes me back a long way. Happy days. Early hours of the morning. Black walls and ceiling. Artificial light. Playing for hours with the balance of light and objects. I loved the artificial light studio as much as the darkroom. Different world. Magical world.